Spit is it…..And it matters!


Saliva is a magical fluid that supports overall health and wellness. Many take this precious fluid for granted until it’s gone. Dry mouth syndrome is an increasing problem in all age groups, from children to seniors.


  • review the prevalence of dry mouth syndrome
  • distinguish between xerostomia/feeling dry and hyposalivation/being dry
  • learn about the complexity of salivary production
  • appreciate the components of healthy saliva
  • understand the range of factors that lead to dry mouth
  • describe why modern lifestyles lead to dry mouth


On Demand Format: 2 CEUs
Registrants have 30 days from purchase to compete the course and post test


AGD PACE Subject codes: 010, 430, 730, 750

Virtual on demand presentation – 2 CEUs


Presenter – Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP


2 CEU | Electronically Mediated I Online | Lecture | Home Study

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