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Anne Guignon


Anne Guignon is a highly sought-after, international speaker on topics ranging from the microbiome to taxes.

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One of the top dental hygiene minds in the biz!

Dr James William Walter McCreight, DDS

I have learned so much from Anne through the years

Karen Loch Webster, RDH, PHDH

Anne continues to go above and beyond with each and every one of her courses.

Janessa Bock, RDH, BSDH
TDHA President

We worked with Anne for our local DHA component and brought in more money than we could ever imagine. Her name alone draws a crowd and we were so grateful for all the work she did on the back end. We ended up using that money to donate to IOH, HyPAC fundraiser items, and even purchased white coats for our local DH college graduating seniors.

Melissa Vetter, RDH
Greater austin DHA President