Caries – The ultimate environmental catastrophe


Caries – The Ultimate environmental catastrophe
Breaking the cycle of blame and shame
2.0 Self-Study CEUs

Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP
AGD PACE Subject codes: 010, 430, 730



Caries and erosive tooth wear are global public health problems that create pain and discomfort, impact nutritional intake, affect self-esteem, and are co-morbidities for a wide range of systemic diseases and disorders. Numerous research studies demonstrate both conditions are pH mediated. Insufficient buffering capacity also impact heavily oral disease development. The economic burden of treating damaged tooth structure is an additional consideration. Low cost, efficient salivary testing is easy and provides both clinicians and patients with accurate baseline data that helps create an accurate picture about why conditions occur. Salivary testing is a tool that creates engagement, monitors subtle changes over time, and tracks progress between professional appointments. Clinicians can now create custom strategies that includes salivary stimulation, raising oral pH levels, adding valuable calcium sources, and effective biofilm disruption activities. This course guides dental professionals away from the blame and shame game and into a new era of patient partnership and success.

  • Learn about the prevalence of caries and erosion
  • Review salivary risk factors – pH and buffering
  • Understand pH and buffering impact caries and erosion
  • Develop a strategy for in office salivary testing
  • Improve salivary using arginine, xylitol, and calcium
  • Devise a plan for ongoing salivary monitoring
  • Explore the role of biofilm reduction in disease control


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