Relief that packs a punch! Spotlight on medications, remedies, and supplements


Anne discusses how the formulation of prescription and over-the-counter medications, home remedies, and supplements play a role in caries and erosion in this 2 hour CEU course.


Relief that packs a punch! Spotlight on medications, remedies and supplements – 2 CEUs

AGD PACE CE – Subject code: 010 Cariology, 150 health and Nutrition, 730 Health history and review of symptoms

Prescription and over-the-counter medicines, home remedies, and supplements are used to combat illness, provide relief, and support health. The unintended oral consequences of medications and supplements are rarely discussed.

It’s time to shed light on how products impact oral health status, especially when used routinely or multiple times every day. It is important to understand formulations – syrups, lozenges, hard discs, sprays, gummy chews, gels, rinses, powders, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, tablet coatings. A more in-depth health history is an information gold mine. Dental professionals are ideally positioned to discover dangerous habits and behaviors, discuss the impact of these products on oral health, and provide reasonable options to reverse or manage the negative impacts on tooth structure.
– Appreciate how medications play a role in caries and erosion
– Become aware of risks – dry mouth, dietary, environmental, lifestyle
– Recognize hidden sugars
– Learn how to test product pH levels and salivary pH and buffering
– Discover the destructive role of citric acid
– Compare pH levels of oral moisturizing products
– Examine the role of fluoride, arginine, xylitol, and calcium in salivary adjustment and remineralization


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