Saddle up! Picking the right saddle for the right reasons


  • Recognize the importance of selecting the right saddle
  • Identify the correct seat pan
  • Learn why cylinder height matters
  • Appreciate the component of a good saddle
  • Understand how to adjust a saddle stool
  • Develop safe saddle seating habits


The human body is not designed to spend hours sitting on a traditional chair with thighs parallel to the floor. Traditional seating flattens the lumbar spine and increases pressure on intervertebral discs. It also creates undue stress on muscles, tendons, and ligaments, leading to increased fatigue and a higher risk for developing a musculoskeletal injury.

A well-designed saddle stool supports an upright posture, maintains a healthy lumbar curve, helps strengthen core muscles, promotes deep diaphragmatic breathing, and allows clinicians to reduce dangerous positioning. Saddles are not a one-size-fits-all commodity. This course demystifies what it takes to find the perfect saddle.


Recorded: December 18, 2021

Expires: December 17, 2023

Speaker: Anne N. Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP

1 CEU | Electronically Mediated I Online | Lecture | Home Study

Cost: Free

Subject codes: 010, 149


This on-demand course is self-study and not considered live in most state’s State Dental Practice Acts. Please refer to your state’s practice act for specific requirements.

System Requirements

  • PC, Mac, Laptop, and other mobile devices with standard web browser capability.
  • Newest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MSEdge, Safari, or Opera internet browsers.
  • Internet connection with 500+Kbps


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