Lasers and digital scanning in dentistry – August 16, 2022 – 1 CEU


Soft-tissue lasers are gaining popularity in dentistry, but questions still abound. Dr. John Flucke will help you learn what lasers can do for your patients and your practice. Procedures, techniques, and the science behind the devices will all be presented in an easy-to-understand and follow presentation.

• Learn the diode laser wavelengths available for dentistry

• Learn what procedures lasers can perform

• Learn the science and why lasers work

• Learn tips and tricks to make laser procedures easier

• Leave with an understanding of lasers that can guide clinical usage or purchasing decision


Speaker: John Fluke, DDS  

1 CEU                Cost: Free  



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Lasers and digital scanning in dentistry

John Fluke, DDS

August 16, 2022

Live virtual presentation      

1 CEU   






AGD PACE Subject Codes: 135, 490  


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