Cancer treatments and oral health – Making the mouth-body connection in cancer care – On demand 2023



On demand presentation – 1 complimentary CE 

Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH

Oral side effects and untreated dental diseases can cause added pain, financial hardships, and psychological distress for those being treated for cancer. They can also lead to complications or delays in treatments, which can compromise treatment outcomes. Oral changes may have a continued negative impact throughout survivorship.

While highlighting the human element of cancer care and quality of life issues, this presentation will provide tools for a well-rounded approach to optimal patient care through a focus on prevention, patient education, and product selection.

  • Determine the value of preventive oral care with treatments and survivorship
  • Identify homecare modifications to reduce complications
  • Examine product pros and cons
  • Provide additional resources for continued support


AGD Subject code: 750


Speaker – Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH

1 CEU | Electronically Mediated I Online | Lecture

Recorded: February 27, 2023    Expires: February 26, 2025


This on-demand course is self-study and not considered live in most state’s State Dental Practice Acts. Please refer to your state’s practice act for specific requirements.

System Requirements

  • PC, Mac, Laptop, and other mobile devices with standard web browser capability.
  • Newest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MSEdge, Safari, or Opera internet browsers.
  • Internet connection with 500+Kbps


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