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Dental health care workers are subjected to both intermittent and continuous noise. Basic hearing hygiene recommends avoiding noises that are too loud, too close, or last too long, a nearly impossible set of recommendations for dental office employees.

No one is immune from the noise coming from treatment rooms, the dental lab, or sounds produced by office equipment. Noise is additive and hard environmental surfaces exacerbate every sound. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a very real threat, resulting in a permanent, life-altering disability.

It is critical for every dental professional to understand their relative risks for developing NIHL, how NIHL develops, the symptoms of this life-altering condition.


  • Learn the risks of frequency, intensity, and exposure time
  • Recognize noise pollution – work, home, leisure
  • Compare noise reduction options and strategies
  • Adopt an action plan – testing, prevention, implementation



Subject codes: 010, 149


Recorded: September 21, 2021

Expires: September 21, 2023

Speaker: Anne N. Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP

1.5 CEUs | Electronically Mediated I Online | Lecture | Home Study

Cost: Complimentary


This on-demand course is self-study and not considered live in most state’s State Dental Practice Acts. Please refer to your state’s practice act for specific requirements.

System Requirements

  • PC, Mac, Laptop, and other mobile devices with standard web browser capability.
  • Newest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MSEdge, Safari, or Opera internet browsers.
  • Internet connection with 500+Kbps

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