Lasesthetics: Optimizing aesthetics and health using a diode laser

David Hornbrook, DDS

Join Dr. David Hornbrook as he discusses the many uses of a diode laser and how to successfully incorporate it into your dental practice. As a diode user since 1994, Dr. Hornbrook has had the opportunity to see the Diode laser evolve for the past 25+ years. He’s also seen how clinicians are using it to improve the aesthetics of their anterior cases as well as improve tissue health during periodontal treatment.
Learning objectives included in this program will be:
– Using the diode laser to alter gingival tissues to enhance the aesthetic value of smile designs
– How to determine if tissue recontouring can be accomplished with the use of a laser as
opposed to crown lengthening 
– Optimizing aesthetics of anterior bridges by creating an ovate pontic site using the laser
– The use of laser in periodontal treatment and how it is used with every hygiene patient to
improve oral health

AGD PACE Subject Codes: 135, 490

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