Creating clinical magic using simple salivary testing – St. Thomas

Live virtual program – 1 CEU

AGD Pace – AGD Subject codes: 010,430, 730

Monday, August 8, 2022

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Many people suffer from a wide range of dental disorders: chronic caries, melting tooth syndrome, dentinal hypersensitivity, or burning mouth syndrome? Occasionally a patient has only one issue, but many times, there are multiple challenges. Do you have accurate information about “why” disease is occurring? Do you have data?

Simple salivary testing can shed a light on why patients are struggling with oral disease. It takes less than one minute to perform basic salivary testing. Knowing the salivary pH and buffering capacity adds more pieces to the puzzle. This data changes the conversation leading to a higher level of patient engagement and ongoing monitoring of important risk factors.

  • Recognize the urgency for adding salivary diagnostic testing
  • Describe basic salivary testing steps
  • Create a plan to successfully implement in-office salivary testing protocols
  • Identify how testing improves communication and treatment acceptance
  • Develop a strategic plan for patient engagement