Oh my aching neck….Why the digital epidemic is the elephant in the room

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Orascoptic Celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month 2021!

No one ever said practicing dental hygiene would be easy, but the origin of upper body aches and pains is not all work related. The impact activities outside of the clinical setting is often ignored or underappreciated………and no one is talking about it.

Today’s world demands 24/7 connectivity. Current research indicates that your aching neck is the elephant in the room and maybe affecting you more than you imagined. Texting neck and other maladies are real.

Understanding how today’s digital lifestyles impact our overall health can be a critical step in preventing unnecessary and unwanted injuries.

This presentation will cover an overview of:

  • Review of spinal anatomy
  • Understand the physics of poor head posture
  • Recognize how digital devices contribute to musculoskeletal pain
  • Develop strategies to mitigate postural challenges