DateTitleAppeared inAvailability
Sept 9, 2019An Unexpected Thank YouDentistry iQNow
July 17, 2019From Necessity to Nirvana: The Evolution of Innovative Magnification LoupesDentistry iQNow
July 17, 2016Can You Hear Me Now? Occupational Noise-Reduced Hearing Loss Among Dental ProfessionalsRDH MagazineNow
June 18, 2019Injured or Sick? What to Consider Before Going to WorkDentistry iQ Now
Apr 3, 2019Hand Pain Among Dental Hygienists: Chiming in on the ConversationDentistry iQNow
Feb 16, 2019A Respectful Conversation (Perio Protect)Dentistry iQNow
Jan 29, 2019Misclassification of Dental Hygienists as Independent ContractorsDentistryiQNow
Jan 3, 2019Imagination Fueling Innovation: The New Waterpik Sonic-FusionDentistryiQ Now
Oct 14, 2020Muddy Flooding and Sinkholes: Understanding the Difference Between Caries and Erosive Tooth WearRDH MagazineNow
Sept 9, 2020On the Road Again – Solid Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Temping JourneyRDH MagazineNow
Sept 1, 2020Canaries in the Coal Mine: The Rising Risk of Oral Disease Among Health-Care WorkersRDH MagazineNow
Sept 1, 2020Lighting the WorldRDH MagazineNow
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