Caries – The ultimate environmental catastrophe – On demand – 2022

Breaking the cycle of blame and shame

Virtual on demand program – 1 complimentary CEU

AGD Pace – AGD Subject codes: 010, 430, 730

Caries and erosive tooth wear are global public health problems that create pain and discomfort, impact nutritional intake, affect self-esteem, and are co-morbidities for a wide range of systemic diseases and disorders. Numerous research studies have demonstrated that both conditions are pH mediated. Both salivary pH and buffering capacity impact heavily on the development of caries and erosion.

The economic burden of treating damaged tooth structure is an additional consideration. It is now possible to conduct efficient and cost-effective salivary testing in the clinical setting. This gives both clinicians and patients accurate baseline data, and the ability to monitor subtle changes over time. In addition, patients can use these tools to track their progress between professional appointments.

The data derived from salivary pH and buffering measurements provides a more accurate picture about why these conditions occur. Using this data, clinicians can create a custom strategy to stimulates salivary flow, raise the oral pH level to neutral, and provide a rich source of calcium for remineralization. This course guides dental professionals away from the blame and shame game and into a new era of patient partnership and success.

Course objectives

  • Review the prevalence caries and erosion
  • Determine risk factors that lead to problem saliva
  • Test salivary risk factors – pH and buffering
  • Discuss hidden caries and erosion risk factors
  • Identify how xylitol products improve salivary health
  • Develop a strategy for in office salivary testing
  • Devise a plan for ongoing saliva monitoring

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